Bioorigami – designed bionanostructures from nucleic acids to proteins and beyond

02.06.2017: DETAILED PROGRAM is available!

20.03.2017: A list of confirmed speakers is available.

You are kindly invited to the first bioorigami meeting, which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from the 21. to 23. June, 2017.

Programmable polymers, particularly nucleic acids and polypeptides can fold into complex tertiary structures and perform many functions. While nature provides an astonishing variety of complex structures that work as molecular machines, it is clear that nature has not exploited all the possibilities of this type of building blocks.

Three decades ago the design of DNA nanostructures has started, repurposing nucleic acids for the structural and dynamic functions. Almost arbitrary DNA shapes can now be designed. Recent advances enabled rapid growth of designed polypeptide-based assemblies, following and in some aspects surpassing DNA-based nanostructures.

The Bioorigami 2017 meeting is dedicated to the exciting area of designed assemblies composed of polypeptides, nucleic acids or their combinations. Sessions will be dedicated to different strategies of the polypeptide/protein and nucleic acid-based assemblies, to the experimental and computational/mathematical tools and development of their applications.

The meeting will include topics on:

  • Modular protein design
  • Design of protein folds
  • DNA-polypeptide assemblies
  • Computational and mathematical modeling of bionanostructures
  • New tools of bionanostructure design
  • Applications of designed bionanomolecules

See the program for a list of invited speakers and the detailed program for more information.

The number of attendants is limited, based on the order of registration. Please register here.